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Friday, June 09, 2006

Grimsley: Juiced : Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big

June of 06. It took until now to add fuel to the fire. Maybe now, more people will believe the claims made by Jose Canseco.

It makes me crazy when people deny the statements and confessions made by Jose.

I read his book the day it hit the shelves. It was my feeling that Jose pushed the idea that Steroids are "good". After reading the book I got the idea that it was an advertisement for people to use performance enhancing drugs.

Having that said, I have no doubt that EVERY statement Jose made was 100% true (in his mind). I've heard people have gone back and researched dates, times and locations. These people have attemted to "prove" the statements incorrect. Why would anyone take the time? Why not spend the same time to look into the "PROBLEM"? Why not take the time and effort to change baseball and rid the problem. It's as if people want to stick their heads in the sand, just to deny Cansecos claims. Why?

I may be the only DIEHARD baseball fan that thinks the Grimsley investigation is a good thing. As far as I am concerned, this may be the nail in the coffin. This may be enough to clean up baseball. We've been going in the right direction, however I don't think we're even close. It's finally a fact that MOST players have been using performance enhancers. FINALLY.

The ball is now in the hand of Bud Selig. He needs to throw a good hard heater, right down the middle. We've had enough BS and its time to be honest, its time to face the problem, head on. Quit trying to nibble the edge of the strike zone with a knucklecurve. As far as I am concerned, we need to call in the standards of the Olympic testers.

Now, for my boldest statement. It's my feeling that 90% of baseball players have been using dope. The only players I'd say are NOT using are the players that are so "religious" or so ethical that they would jaywalk, let alone take dope. In the 60's, it was common knowledge that MOST players were using "greenies". Why would anyone think the drug use would be less now that it was back then? Nowadays, players are looking at millions of dollars in contracts? When the crap hits the fan, what in the world would stop a guy from using? If your a pitcher and your throwing low 90's, but the guy next to you is using dope to throw mid-90's.....his contract is 1,000,000 and your just another young righty..........why wouldn't dope be the answer. If he's recovering in 3 days, but your lucky to feel better in 4-5......I rest my case.

In closing, I repeat that the Grimsley-gate will later be seen as a good thing for baseball. Let's clean it up. Sooner the better. Test fully or don't test at all.

Let me ask you this......do you tell your children that your best days of baseball as a fan was the "steroid" era? Or, maybe this.........do they ask you? In 100 years, do we look back at this as the beginning of the end, or do we look at this as another bumble and fumble of the system we'll never fix?



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