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Saturday, June 04, 2005


I know your wondering why UNCLE CHARLIE YAKKER? Well, any well versed fan would know, but since you asked, I'll give you an answer.

The words "UNCLE CHARLIE" and "YAKKER" are both terms for a "Curveball".

Now your probably wondering How did the curveball come to be known by the terms, "Uncle Charlie" and "Yakker?"

A: The origins of both terms are rather elusive, according to Paul Dickson's definitive reference work, "The New Dickson Baseball Dictionary." "Uncle Charlie" came from CB radio usage in 1970s and was supposedly attached to the curveball because the two words contain "c" and "r" sounds that suggest "curve." "Yakker" is said to have its derivation in the bird world. It comes from the "yawker" or flicker, names for the yellow-shafted woodpecker.

(I figured that Yakker also has referance to do with a person who talks a lot. Since this is a blog, or a place for me to yak, it just fits.)

Hey, don't look so worried. This is my page and I got you to read this much. So, just relax and read on. I think my name is pretty darn creative. I am glad I can entertain you.


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