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Monday, October 17, 2005

If your reading this.........

You had just as well comment on the stories I have written here!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Isn't it interesting

I find it interesting that my last two posts were in June of this year. Actually, thats not the interesting part. Read on and I'll explain that I find interesting.

The last two posts spoke on (#1) the fact that Vladimir Guerrero is not a HOFer yet. With his MVP season on 2004 and strong game early in 2005, many Angel fans were declaring him the next Babe, Joe D, and Mick all wrapped into one man. I wrote then that he's yet to show a HOF career to me. This year, in the 2005 post-season he absolutely stunk. I guess I believe the theory that "good pitching always beats good hitting", but there is a point where a superstar must dig in and bust the ball hard. I am not going to sit here and spew statistics, but, I can tell you that he didn't get but a few hits, and none seemed to be solid. Now, as I mentioned last June, a mans career cannot be made in a few games, so I don't want to put too much arguement into a few games breaking his career. The point I am making today is the same that I made back then. He's not a HOFer yet.

The second post I want to revisit is the topic of Umps ruining the game. Back then I was more concerned that Umps seemed to be becoming too much a part of the game. This postseason, at least so far, in the ALCS and the NLCS the Umps are once again in the middle of everything. In the Angels series with the White Sox, Doug Eddings, blew a call allowing a player to reach first base in a swinging K, after calling him out. The entire series swung on that play. It'll be talked about forever. In the Cardinals series, the Ump called a few balls and strikes in a very inconsistant manner. When Tony LaRussa and Jim Edmonds spoke up on a called strike, the home plate man in blue tossed them both out of the game. A PLAYOFF GAME!

Needless to say, I am suffering the baseball blues after following the Angels so closely for 171 or so games, only to see it all end. It seems too too far away to think about the dreaded "wait till next year". It's a lot of work to follow a team that far and get so close, only to fall 3 games short of the World Series.

I supose that baseball being baseball I could likely find a historical writing that is earily similar to the the above comments. Some guy in the 40's was likely frusteraged that his team lost, that his players didn't excel when they needed and the Umps played too much a part of the game.

That said, I remember why I love baseball.

Baseball is what it is.