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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Baseball Stadiums don't face west?

Listening to a game tonight they were talking about how San Diego's doesn't face the ocean. Obviously the hitters would, on a nightly bases, would never see the ball. It's tough enough to hit without having the sun directly over the pitchers shoulder.

This ball stadium faces pretty much north, but a little north east.

How come the designers of our softball fields don't know this?

Baseball rules that suck

Today I was watching the Cleveland/Minnesota game on DirectTV. I know, why would anyone watch "that" game. First of all, as previously posted, I am a baseball FANATIC, so thats part of it. The next part is simple, CC Sabathia, the SP for the Indians (who cannot wear his hat straight) is on my fantasy basecall team. -------to continue my point, if I may.......in the 6th inning, the oposing pitcher gives up a 2 run bomb. His next pitch nails the batter in the ribs. With a little hesitation the Umpire warns the Twins manger and pitcher. Now, this is strange to me, because normally the Ump warns both teams. So the manager of the Twins, Ron Gardenhire goes absolutely nuts, because only his team got warned of course.

The point of this post is that I hate the "warning" rule. In the old days the players would handle these situations all by themselves. Nowadays the umpires are way too involved. It's as if they have total control of the game and they are becoming bigger than the game. It's bad enough that every umpire has "his own" strike zone, but now the rules allow Umps to step in an warn specific players and teams, on a whim. I'd be for the umps not giving "warnings" of future ejections (let alone Coaches and mangers getting tossed too) and letting the pitchers throw at will. I don't have a problem with a pitcher throwing inside, and I don't have a problem with guys getting hit from time to time. I get pissed seeing some of these home run trots, spins and walks. The batters need to be aware that they have a penalty if they try to "show up" another player. On the same token, these damn batters are wearing so much armor, they don't care how far they lean across the plate. Batters need to respect that plate. Or else.

I feel better now.

Monday, May 30, 2005


In this post I want to start a topic of things I have never seen before. Hopefully in my comments section I can keep an update of "never before seen" listings.

For an explaination of this photo, take a look at the replies below.

I havn't quite figured out if I can add a photo to the reply or not.

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Baseball Ramblings

Ya, I LOVE baseball. I am in a career that carries a Utah retirement so there is very little chance I'll ever get to have Season tickets to any major league team.

I am not much of a basketball fan because of the low fan interaction and the high amount of thuggary (is that a word) I just get tired of gangster, ball hogs, being idolized.

To me, baseball is so PURE. So close to perfect. So fluid. So historic.

I love to learn and hear about the old timers. Nothin is better than hearing someone talk about how they used to attend Dodgers games in the 60's. How they didn't appreciate watching the Cards' Bob Gibson throw high and tight without fear of a batter charging the mound. I read a story about how Jim Palmer had such a feel for the baseball. From time to time he'd throw a ball to the ump because he didn't like it-----later in the game the ump would put the ball back into play----upon feeling the baseball, Palmer would throw the ball back and ask for a new one. Gotta love that!!!!

The best part of going to a game is seeing dad's that bring kids to the game. I love seeing that twinkle in the kids eye when you can tell that he's hooked.

It's great to hear some know-it-all fan sitting there talking to his buddy about the game. At some time during the game, I turn around and point out some nuance that VERY few people ever see. Maybe a bench coach moving players into position, or a fielder giving signals to another fielder, maybe a pitcher tipping his pitches.

How many games do you watch and say "I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT HAPPEN BEFORE"????? I say that at least once a game, hehe.

I could go on forever!!!!!! But, I am watching a gamn! Jeter is up----one hopper up the middle----Guy running the second is called out on a "neighborhood" play.....a play you only agree with when its your team making the play.....throw to first and Jeter is safe.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Baseball Guru comes alive!

I have considered a baseball related blog for a long time now. I have a lot of passion for the game and cannot get enough of it. I'll expand more as times go on.